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Noble Tree Counseling is dedicated to helping clients discover and put forth their best selves through guidance, empowerment, and motivation.  I want to help my clients grow and improve their lives, their relationship with self and others, and to create a collaborative and nurturing space in which all clients feel welcomed and valued.  I work with clients on concerns related to depression, anxiety, workplace/career, and relationships.  I specialize in issues related to trauma, weight/ body image/ disordered eating, and race, ethnicity, origin.  As a former employment lawyer, I have experience consulting and coaching individuals on variety of issues related to the workplace, such as job career dissatisfaction and enhancing leadership or management performance and development. Let’s get passionate about change by taking action!


Shital Patel, JD, LCSW

As an attorney turned therapist, I can understand the deep desires and struggles around wanting change, the process of change and accessing hope in order to make positive shifts happen along the way.